[KAZAMI] Yushiro Starry Sky First Recital "Etarnal Starlight-The bow draws a starry sky-"

2021/12/17(Fri) 17:30 -


Yushiro Starry Sky First Recital "Etarnal Starlight-The bow draws a starry sky-"

Date: Friday, December 17, 2021

Venue: TIAT SKY HALL (acoustic one-man format)

Doors open 17:30 / Starts 18:00

Dress code: smart elegance



Guest Musician

Piano: REO

Drums: Kazami (DaizyStripper)

(There will be additional guests at a later date)

Ticket: All seats 5,500 yen Same day 6,000 yen

A: Pre-order

B: live pocket first-come-first-served basis

C: Same-day ticket

Admission order: A (reference number order) → B (reference number order) → C

■ A ticket (pre-order)

<< Application period >>

10/31 (Sun) 12: 00-11 / 14 (Sun) 23:59

《Confirmation of winning》

11/15 (Monday)

■ B ticket (first-come-first-served basis)

11/15 (Monday) 12: 00-


・ Recording / recording / shooting inside the venue is not permitted.

・ Due to the space of the event venue, please leave large luggage in a coin locker etc. in advance to enter.

・ The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the event venue. Please manage your valuables by yourself.

・ From various points of view, we will refuse to accept letters, gifts, stand flowers, dressing room flowers, etc. note that.

・ "Partitioning", "place-taking", "interruption ignoring the reference number" and other acts that cause inconvenience to customers are strictly prohibited.

・ Please be sure to wear a mask for all visitors.

・ Please cooperate in disinfecting your fingers with alcohol disinfectant at the time of admission.

・ When arranging, such as when entering the venue, please keep a distance in front and behind.

[Measures to prevent the spread of infection in each performance]

・ Staff involved in the performance will be encouraged to wash their hands and wear masks.

* About paid distribution and the presence or absence of privilege meetings

I will update it at a later date.


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