[KAZAMI] Faraway Emo Instrument Session Vol.2 ~ DAY1 ~

2021/04/10(Sat) 18:00 -

Sapporo Crazy Monkey

4/10 (Sat) Faraway Emo Instrument Session Vol.2 ~ DAY1 ~ [Venue] Sapporo Crazy Monkey [Cast] Gt.YOSHIHIRO Ba.Toshi Dr. Ticket] Admission ticket ・ ・ ・ Advance ticket ¥ 4,000 / Same day ¥ 4,500 (1Drink separately) Delivery ticket ・ ・ ・ ¥ 3,000 [Ticket reservation] Reception starts: February 27 (Sat) 12: 00- Subject: Desired Japanese text Name (Yomigana, full name) ・ Telephone number ・ Number of tickets (up to 2 tickets per person) Please fill in the above and send to the address below. crazymonkey.ticket@gmail.com * When the reception is completed, a reply email will be sent from the above address, so please make sure that you can receive it. * The number of people is limited, so we will close the deadline when the limit is reached. * Registration will be accepted until the day before the live. * Delivery tickets will be announced at a later date. ---------- Q) Crazy Monkey Tel: 011-211-4480 Meil: contact@crazymonkey.info