[KAZAMI] mitsu Birthday Oneman Live "Re: BEAST" appearance decision


2021/10/11 23:19


2021 November 11 (Thursday) Shibuya REX

mitsu Birthday Oneman Live

" Re: BEAST "



[Support member]

Guitar : Yumetoki (eStrial / HOLLOWGRAM )

Bass : Tsubame (Matenrou Opera)

Drum : Kazami ~ Kazami ~ ( DaizyStripper )

Keyboard : Taito Fujiwara

Violin : Shiba Yukako (Cina)


OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00

* After the performance, there will be a mitsu2 shot photo session (participation tickets will be sold at product sales)


Release Date: October 21 (Thursday) 21:00 -

* Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis


* Reference number A1-20

Price: ¥ 15 , 320- (There is a separate drink fee at the time of admission)

Benefits: 2- shot photo ticket, 33 special photo set, sticker, mitsu handwritten message card

* Photo sets, stickers, and mitsu handwritten message cards are not for sale.

* The benefits will be handed over when shooting 2 shots.

Purchase: https://tiget.net/events/151083

General ticket (Fanicon members only)

* Reference number B

Price: ¥ 6,500- (There is a separate drink fee at the time of admission)

For details such as ticket purchase links, please see the staff posts in the fanicon "SECRET ROOM".


General ticket

* Reference number C

Price: ¥ 6,500- (There is a separate drink fee at the time of admission)

Purchase: https://tiget.net/events/151083

* Admission order: Reference number A → Reference number B → Reference number C

* This performance will only be live with spectators and there are no plans to deliver it.


* Please agree to the following before purchasing the ticket.

<About holding>  

・ This performance will be held thoroughly in accordance with the new coronavirus infection control policy set by the government and the host municipality.  

・ Opening start time may change  

・ Measures and information may be updated due to changes in the guidelines of the government and related organizations.

<About purchasing tickets>  

・ Personal information kept at the time of purchase may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers.

<Before the performance>  

・ Please register for the new coronavirus contact confirmation app ( COCOA).  


・ Please refrain from visiting if you fall under any of the following 6 items.  

Those who have a fever of 1.37.5 degrees or more (fever 1 degree or more higher than normal heat) (Please measure the temperature before coming to the venue)  

2. Those who have had a medical examination or medication due to fever or cold symptoms within 14 days from the performance date  

3. Those who have olfactory dysfunction, dysgeusia, cough, runny nose, or fever within 14 days from the performance date  

4. Those who are required by the government to restrict entry within 14 days from the date of the performance, who are required to observe after entering the country, who have traveled to the relevant area, or who have close contact with the resident.  

5. Those who are suspected of being infected by a family member living together or a close acquaintance  

6. Those who are a little worried about visiting

<About the day of the performance>

・ Please be sure to bring a mask and wear it at all times (* Please wear a "nonwoven mask" instead of cloth or urethane)

・ Please bring an ID card that shows your name as we may verify your identity.  

・ Restricted entry and exit may be implemented to ease congestion.  

・ Temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection of fingers will be carried out at the time of admission.  

・ The staff will visually check the ticket at the time of admission, and the customer will be asked to tear off the stub.  

・ Please refrain from loud conversations, vocalizations, and singing.  

・ Waiting for entry and exit around the venue is prohibited.  

・ Ventilate the audience seats as much as possible during the performance.  

・ When selling products, install vinyl curtains, acrylic plates, etc. to prevent splashes.  

・ Please note that videos and photos of the venue, including the audience seats, may be released.  

・ Please follow the infection control measures and the instructions of the staff, and refrain from any actions that may disturb other customers, such as using other than your own seat or space. If you decide that it will interfere with your safety, you will be asked to leave.

<When refusing admission>

・ Those who are refused to measure the temperature if the temperature at the time of admission is 37.5 degrees or higher ( fever that is 1 degree higher than normal heat).  

・ Those who are not wearing a mask  

・ Please refrain from entering if you have any symptoms of poor physical condition such as suffocation or strong fatigue regardless of fever.