[Kazami & mitsu] Kazami & mitsu Online Live Vol.7 "Kazamitsu Halloween 2021" to be held


2021/10/03 17:52


2021 October 20 (Wednesday)

Kazami & mitsu Online Live Vol.7

"Kazamitsu Halloween 2021 "

Cast: Kazami & mitsu

Time: OPEN 19:50 / START 20:00

* The start may be delayed due to preparations for distribution. Please note.

* Delivery is scheduled for about 45 minutes.

Premier delivery ticket: 2800 yen

[Archive viewable period] November 3 (water) 23:59

* If you purchase a premier distribution ticket, you can watch it on your computer or smartphone.

* In addition to real-time distribution, you can watch as many times as you like during the viewing period even after the distribution ends. ( Unauthorized reproduction of video and audio is prohibited. )

* Please note that there is a possibility that the video and sound may be disturbed due to problems with the internet line, or the performance may be temporarily interrupted.

<Notes on purchase>

* Payment can be selected from "credit card", "net bank", "pay- easy", "convenience store payment", and "Amazon Pay ".

* Convenience store / pay-easy payment is possible until 23:00 the day before the scheduled delivery. After the date of the event, you will not be able to purchase using convenience store / pay-easy payment.

* If you do not proceed to the "Purchase Complete" or "Purchase Reservation Complete" screen within 45 minutes after proceeding to the "Confirm Purchase and Payment" screen, the purchase will be cancelled.

* Cancellation is not possible after "Purchase completed" or "Purchase reservation completed".

Please read here for details on how to purchase and watch.