【Viewon】Viewon Oneman Show「No Rain No Rainbow」 OFFICIAL GOODS情報


2021/06/11 17:34


6/13 Viewon Oneman Show " No Rain No Rainbow " OFFICIAL GOODS Information

[Venue sales]

■ View on tote bag

¥ 2,000

■ View on mask

¥ 1,500

■ CD " Wind of Starlight Melody "

¥ 3,000

Instax on the day

¥ 1,000

* Members can choose

■ 2 shots on the day of check

¥ 1,500


You can participate in the 3-shot photo session after once the show per above Viewon merchandise goods ¥ 7,000 minutes of purchase.


* The number of units sold may be limited depending on the situation on the day. Please note that sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.

< How to participate in the "3- shot instax photo session">

An "event participation ticket" will be distributed for every purchase of goods of 7,000 yen (tax included) or more at the Viewon product sales booth on the day of the concert.

A "3- shot instax photo session" will be held at the venue for customers who bring and present an "event ticket" after the live performance, so please line up according to the instructions of the staff on the day.


・ If you purchase more than one target product, the "shooting participation ticket" will be distributed according to the purchased amount.

・ The number of "shooting participation tickets" is limited. Please note that ticket distribution may be canceled if the planned number of tickets is reached before the day of the event.

・ After the live performance, the events will start in the order in which they gathered according to the instructions of the staff.

· "Shooting participation ticket" is only one person per sheet, it is valid until the end of a show only during the specified date and time.

・ Recording / recording / shooting inside the venue is not permitted.

・ If you lose your participation ticket, we will not reissue it, so please keep it in a safe place.

・ Please note that the contents may be changed or the event may be canceled due to various circumstances.

・ If you have more than one "shooting participation ticket", you will be asked to shoot at once due to time constraints.

・ You cannot specify the sitting position of members and customers at the photo session.

・ At the photo session, we cannot respond to pose specifications or requests to members.

Only "3 shots" can be taken. It is not possible to shoot with only members or with more than 3 people.

・ You may be asked to leave your baggage at the photo session.

・ The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the event venue. Please manage your valuables by yourself.

・ During the event, the staff may guide you by touching your shoulders or arms. Only customers who understand this should participate in the event.

・ The event will be held after the live performance, so please check the transportation information on your way back and participate with plenty of time.

・ Fan letters and gifts cannot be received, so please bring your own feelings.